“Easy” is a potent value proposition for Digital Home solutions 

Just heard Scott Hardy, EVP of the Product Group at Polaroid, speak at a BrandMatters event in Minneapolis. 

Turns out Polaroid is not quite dead yet. In fact, they’re feeling much better now, thank you.

Get this:  Five years after entering the LCD TV market, Polaroid is #4 in market share – ahead of Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic.  If you’ve missed their rebirth as a mid-tier consumer electronics brand, you better pay attention.  They’re going after the Digital Home market in a big way.

Takeaways from Scott:

Interesting storage solutions coming from a different direction and perspective than PC and storage players. 

I still think a data-centric view like Seagate has is a better solution than a view-centric one like Polaroid’s, but in the retail space it could strike a nerve.

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