Your customers need online backup or data recovery services.  Offer both. 


My friend Bret Rohloff at Microsoft calls the loss of computer data a “digital house fire”.  Well put.  There are lots of parallels, and the results are often the same: the permanent loss of precious, priceless keepsakes.

One big difference: unlike physical possessions, “priceless” digital possessions can be replicated and stored somewhere else to keep them safe.

Uberpulse’s Data Recovery Services tour

Uberpulse visited Seagate’s Recovery Services team.  Some interesting takeaways:

I’ve been meaning to sign up for online backup…I’m motivated to get it done now!

Solution providers can offer these services  

Seagate has programs that allow solution providers to offer Seagate Recovery Services and Evault (Seagate’s online backup service) to their customers.

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