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Is enterprise storage ready for 2.5″ drives?

Servers are already there; 300GB could be the tipping point for storage systems

Seagate announced a 300GB version of its Savvio 10K rpm drive, the highest 2.5″ SAS capacity yet available.  Is this the dawning of the Age of Small Form Factor for enterprise storage?  Information Week thinks so.

The server market has already made the turn.  HP and other high-volume server makers have committed to 2.5″ SAS drives for performance servers.  Power, size and reliability benefits make it a no-brainer.  And while 2.5″ hasn’t yet taken over servers from system builders, the switchover has begun.

For storage systems, the capacity just hasn’t been there. At 300GB, it may be.  A 2.5″ drive is 70% smaller than 3.5″ SAS drives, which max out at 450GB today (although 600 GB will be along before long). 

What say you?  How are you using 2.5″ 10K or 15K drives in storage applications today?


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