3parDave Raffo says 3PAR didn’t add SSD in their latest product refresh because they didn’t need it – at least not yet, not in its current form. 

In the same article, Evaluator Group’s Russ Fellows says SSD is still over-priced for mid-range systems anyway. 

I’ve heard from someone involved with another storage vendor that their recent SSD addition was launched primarily to satisfy their customers’ infatuation with SDD.  This vendor doesn’t yet see enough performance improvement to justify the added cost.

The SSD dynamic today reminds me a bit of those “ask your doctor” commercials on TV: customers know how to ask for SSD, but not necessarily whether or not it’s right for them.

I’ve also heard of a vendor struggling with an SSD supplier that doesn’t get what true “enterprise-class” storage devices are all about – especially what it takes to fully test and support them in real-world applications.

Seagate is treating SSD as an emerging class of enterprise-class storage devices, with the commensurate development, testing and systems compatibility work that goes with that mantle. 

When SSD is ready for prime time, count on Seagate to have an enterprise-ready product to offer.

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