Consumers have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle.  PCs, cameras and DVRs have brought them painlessly into the wonderful world of digital content without them even knowing it.  And here they sit, with PCs chock full of stuff they really, really care about – without a clue how to keep it safe.

Actually, they have a clue.  It’s not that hard to backup a PC.  But the same could be said about eating well and exercising.  The sad fact is that whatever the excuse, most of us don’t have backups for all of our precious digital photos, movies and documents. 

For years, companies have tried to coax people into changing their habits.  “You really should!” “It’s not that hard!” “We’ve made it easy!”

Seagate’s taking a new approach with the new Replica backup device. Instead of “one touch”, how about “no touch”? 

Rather than make backup easier, Replica makes it automatic.  Plug it in (one wire!), and your data will exist in not one, but two places.

As of this writing, Replica still can’t help you with that exercise thing.

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