A few years ago, Seagate tried the Hybrid drive deal, and it didn’t win too many people over…remember Momentus PSD?

Momentus PSD was the first generation hybrid drive released by Seagate in 2007 and though it was a pioneering technology, it’s drastically different from the new Momentus XT drive recently announced. How?

Momentus PSD featured 128MB or 256MB of flash, Momentus XT has 4GB of SSD Flash.
Momentus PSD was reliant upon Microsoft Vista’s Ready Drive to take advantage of the flash component of the drive. Momentus XT is 100% OS independent. It works with Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux without special drivers or 3rd party software.
Momentus PSD was all about power efficiency and touted performance benefits, but never delivered. Momentus XT was designed 100% for performance.

The one key takeaway from Momentus PSD Seagate learned from users was that if we were going to put SSD on a drive, customers better see the performance benefit. Otherwise, there is no real advantage to the technology.

I think Seagate  got it right with Momentus XT…just look at the benchmarks and reviews.

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