According to the BBC, global data grew by 60% last year, and is expected to reach 1 zetabyte in the near future.

What is a Zetabyte? Jeff Baird says it’s “1 million times the contents of the world’s largest library.” That’s 1 billion terabytes.  No wonder hard drive manufacturers continue to release gigantic hard drives capable of 3TB of storage.

It made me wonder how much storage I added to the mix in the past year. Did my data grow 60%?

After compiling all of my content across several storage devices onto my brand new GoFlex Home 1TB drive, I figured my data at least doubled. I went back and looked at my digital additions in 2009, and as a family, we…

Not to mention the hundreds of Gigabytes of photos, videos, and content shared with us from friends and family, or all of the digital content we shared via Facebook, YouTube, email, etc.  I don’t have the exact breakdown, but I do know that the amount of data in my house went from 500GB in 2008 to well over a terabyte in 2009, and with that the amount available storage in the home when you count internal drives, external drives, network storage, and DVR went from close to 1TB to well over 2TB.

It’s a good thing I have it all backed-up….some stuff even twice.

How much have you contributed to the zetabyte world?

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