Seagate announced it reached the delivery of its 1.5 billionth drive as of October 20, 2010—only 2 ½ years after shipping its 1 Billionth drive.  Seagate celebrated its billionth hard drive sold in April 22, 2008, and at the time, it equated to: 79 million terabytes, able to store 158 billion hours of digital video or 1.2 trillion hours of your favorite music, while the 1.5 billion hard drives delivered last month equates to approximately 118.5 million terabytes, able to store 237 billion hours of digital video or 1.8 trillion hours of music.



At this rate, the 2 Billion drives milestone will happen in the next 2 years, meaning what previously took 29 years to reach will only take 5 years.  Put that into a different perspective… Facebook founded in 2004 reached 500M users in 2010…6 years.

Seagate sold 500M drives in less than half the time. Cool.

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