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1.5 Billion drives! That was quick…

Seagate announced it reached the delivery of its 1.5 billionth drive as of October 20, 2010—only 2 ½ years after shipping its 1 Billionth drive.  Seagate celebrated its billionth hard drive sold in April 22, 2008, and at the time, it equated to: 79 million terabytes, able to store 158 billion hours of digital video or 1.2 trillion hours of your favorite music, while the 1.5 billion hard drives delivered last month equates to approximately 118.5 million terabytes, able to store 237 billion hours of digital video or 1.8 trillion hours of music.


  • 29 years (1979 to 2008)
  • 1 Billion drives
  • 79 Million Terabytes


  • 2.5 years (2008 to 2010)
  • 500 Million drives
  • 39.5 Million Terabytes

At this rate, the 2 Billion drives milestone will happen in the next 2 years, meaning what previously took 29 years to reach will only take 5 years.  Put that into a different perspective… Facebook founded in 2004 reached 500M users in 2010…6 years.

Seagate sold 500M drives in less than half the time. Cool.

Share your thoughts on this milestone by commenting on this post, and you just might win a GoFlex 1.5TB hard drive!  So chime in.  Contest Terms and Conditions


  • Seagate is winner

  • Kyle O'Halloran Says:

    I would rather have 1.5 billion hard drives, but I suppose I could make due with 1! :D

    Are GoFlex drives internal or external?

  • Donald Campbell Says:

    I’d take a Seagate hard drive platter over one from McDonalds any day. :)

  • Jason Tran Says:

    Seagate has powered my computer and many other computers I have built. Congrats on 1.5 billion!

  • Patrick Says:

    Incredible really! I remember paying a couple hundred dollars for a 500 MEGABYTE hard drive! Ugh, those were the days. :]

  • This number is indicative of the quality of your product.

  • Richard Chong Says:

    I love Seagate drives!

  • Jason Mak Says:

    That’s a whole lotta seagates drives sold

  • 118.5 million terabytes.

    700,000+ movies on imdb.

    Blu-rays are 20-30GB each call it 25.

    25 x 700,000 = 17,500,000 GB or 17,500 TB, not even a fraction of the amount of drives that seagate has sold.

    What percentage of movies/music/books do you think are cataloged on Seagate’s 1.5billion drives?

    That’s a lot of data.

  • Seagate > Everybody else.

    Just sayin’.

    That said, I need more space…where’s my 7200 RPM 3TB drive?

  • Kyle O’Halloran, Goflex is external drive

  • Now that’s a lot of drives. Would you like fries with that?

  • chris freepartner Says:

    When you make a quality product, the market responds. Easy.

  • Francis Koziolek Says:

    Seagate – Great drives!!!! Congrats on the number – HUGE!!!!!!

  • Elaine Kontra Says:

    I all sounds great, but I love having a spare Seagate drive to back up my computer stuff.

  • Over the years, out of the many drives I’ve worked with either personally or in client PCs, servers and workstations, Seagate has by far had the fewest occurrences of failure. I can’t actually recall an instance where I had to replace a Seagate drive.

    Thanks for the years of reliability and congratulations on 1.5 billion!

  • Seagate is my choice for hard drives!

  • Ryan Campbell Says:

    I have been using Seagate drives for a long time. I always recommend them, too. Seagate has never let me down :-)

  • Zeev Gur Says:

    Seagate is an incredible organization

  • Cameron Murphy Says:

    When possible I always buy seagate…bought 15 WD drives recently and had 3 of them die less than 12 hours after installation. Never had that happen with seagate.

  • Seagate is by far my favorite brand of external hard drives. I have a FreeAgent Go 500GB and I love it. I would love a 1.5TB drive to put all my movies, tv shows, podcasts, photos, games, and music on.

  • I have a 6 year old 320GB drive, and it has working perfectly, great numbers, Seagate.

  • Nicolas Bell Says:

    Great work to everybody worldwide at Seagate for bring out awesome stuff .. Thank you so much

  • Nino Ramton Nacionales Says:

    Learned so much from my 1st Seagate 1.7GB back in 98 and now I’m enjoying my Seagate 1TB. I would say It was quite a long journey of learning things with my SEAGATE.

  • Jeremy K Says:

    Seagate = Quality.
    Great article and the stats are unreal..but says a lot on how fast technology is moving in the world. Looking forward to my next Seagate purchase.

  • Joshua Ohm Says:

    It’s really amazing to see how almost every aspect of technology has such rapid, exponential growth like that.

    Man, I love technology.

  • seagate’s after sales support is fast, and i like that

  • Wow ~ that’s a lot! I know how precious our “data” is to us so I can see why so many are bought.

  • This is pretty awesome.

  • HQuicksilver Says:

    I will never buy anything but a seagate hard drive again.

  • Jazz290 Says:

    I’ll go put the champagne on ice…

  • Adam Burkowski Says:

    There can be only one. Seagate is on the way there.

  • With the staggering number of drives shipped and the pace of growth, its a catalyst for growth in the world of technology that touches almost every aspect of today’s world. Seagate ought to be a mind-share in storage business. Shall we say ‘Storage = Seagate’.

  • The drives you sold to reach 1 billion were great advertisements for that next 500 million – can you say Snowball!

  • Wow, that’s a lot. Hope to win a drive.

  • Carissa Kasper Says:

    Congrats! I love your product!

  • Thanks for the opportunity Seagate!

  • seagate pwnz wd.

  • good job.. i love seagate drives.. they are all i sell

  • 1.5 Billion Seagate drives for 6 Billion people – that’s 1/4 Seagate drive per person, on the average. Personally, I own about 50 Seagate drives, give or take, more than from all other drive manufacturers combined. And I have encountered very few failures among the Seagate drives. Cannot even remember when the last one failed.

  • Gregory Lewis Says:

    cool, lots of drives sold

  • I love Seagate!! can’t wait to get another one on Black friday.

  • I have been using Seagate drives since the PCjrs got the capability. If I remember right the 10mb version was rockin :) Most of my builds since a 286 (with turbo button :) ) have had Seagate drives. Intel Pentium Pro with dual Seagate UWSCSI drives :) . Anyways congrats on the milestone!

  • Jay Morris Says:

    Congrats! I love my old one, but I could use a a new bigger one!

  • Rodrigo Osorio Says:

    It’s mind boggling what Seagate has accomplished thus far, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I’ve had stellar experience with Seagate products, and if anything, they’re the secret to the longevity of my notebook computer. Congrats Seagate; keep it up.

  • I love how math like that works. Nerdy? Probably but that earns my paycheck!

  • Congrats. Great giveaway to celebrate your success!

  • heagan bayles Says:

    Not just a billion drives, a billion of the best drives!

  • John Carroz Says:

    Awesome milestone!

  • steffen Says: