What did the LP in Barracuda LP stand for anyway?

I guess it depends on who you ask.  As of today, Seagate is parting ways with the “LP” nomenclature and going with the industry standard “Green” naming convention.  I asked fellow blogger and Product Marketing Manager for Seagate’s Barracuda family- David Burks why.  The answer, short and sweet, “It just makes sense.”  How can you argue with that?

One thing is for sure this new Barracuda Green is low power, most likely low price, but definitely not low performance.  It retains the same 5900 RPM speed as Barracuda LP which affords it to not only compete on the low power spec, but also provide up to 20% faster performance that other green drive alternatives.  Combine this with the higher aerial density (less platters, less heads) and this drive is much more than a drive for external enclosures, NAS boxes, and low power PCs.  The performance is fast enough to throw in a mainstream system.

It’s also Seagate’s first 3.5-inch drive with Advanced Format (4K sectors) and Seagate’s unique SmartAlign technology.  From what I hear, this technology makes it seamless for users to integrate into a system…no additional software utilities needed.

Check out the new and improved Barracuda LP… I mean Green.

Looks like a keeper.

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