Just when I thought that tablets automatically meant  flash, and I got on my high hard drive horse and spouted that tablets are good for drive companies because of the cloud, and home NAS, and yadda yadda yadda (by the way, it’s all true)…then Archos goes and ships a tablet with a 250GB hard drive, and touts the benefits of those “old-school” spinning media / mechanical devices.

What! Come again?

The Archos 7o internet tablet comes with a Seagate Momentus Thin 250GB hard drive and as Archos puts it, “Huge storage capacity: up to 250 GB at the price of 32 GB (flash).”  Check out the full comparison here.   On Archos’ website, the top banner reads:

Archos 70 internet tablet The First Android Tablet with a 250GB Hard Drive

and on the product page:

Up to 250GB* : the best portable HD video playback experience anywhere.”

Is this crazy talk? What about flash and all the speed and supposed reliability? How can a hard drive “deliver the best portable HD video playback experience anywhere” ? Maybe it really is about capacity…

In December, Seagate launched their 2nd generation Momentus Thin drive with capacities up to 320GB with speeds of 5400 and 7200RPM. These drives are super thin with a 7mm thickness, and with a 1.3Watt average operating power draw, they are perfect for not only ultra thin laptops, but perhaps tablets as well.

Kudos Archos for setting me straight.

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