Since this ComputerWorld article came out, there has been a good amount of buzz on twitter pointing to the article, or people just plain saying to stay away from the solid-state hybrid drive if you are a MacBook user.  A blog posted last week talked about the value of the Seagate forum and many Mac and non-Mac users have come to the defense of Momentus XT on twitter indicating no issues, and sharing nothing but love for the drive. But what is Seagate saying about the issue? …better yet, what are they doing?

This just came over to me last night….


Seagate forum users have uncovered irregular behavior with Apple MacBook Pro systems that have been upgraded with Momentus XT. The symptoms include:

Seagate is working directly with the 13 forum users to isolate the MacBook Pro, as the issues DO NOT affect all MacBook Pro systems.  In fact, only a handful of systems display these behaviors and they may be related to one power management issue.

The current firmware code for distribution customers is SD24 and is available today via The SD24 firmware resolves minor issues, such as a PC Diagnostic delay issue with Windows, which causes performance issues but never drive failures or data loss. We have encouraged all users to ensure they have SD24 loaded on their drive while Seagate engineers continue to work to isolate the MacBook Pro symptoms and provide a fix in another firmware revision. In the meantime, Seagate would like to thank those customers who have helped us troubleshoot and isolate the bug and we look forward to providing the answers in the coming weeks.


Sounds like Seagate is on top of this and it’s good to see they are working directly with the users to diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve the issue. It also sounds like this is a rather isolated incident, but if you are a MacBook user on the fence, I am sure you want to see resolution before you jump on the SSD Hybrid bandwagon….I don’t blame you.

We’ll see where this goes, and hopefully have the answers for you in an upcoming post.

Hang tight.

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