There’s no arguing the power of community.

In May of 2010, Seagate released Momentus XT, and it was one of the largest launches for Seagate, from a marketing and communications perspective.  There were countless reviews, banner ads, landing pages, blogs, social media buzz, and a live webcast that packed in thousands of attendees. There is the Asus ROG G73jh laptop, and now Dell systems with the solid-state hybrid drive hitting the market.

Aside from the fan fare and attention yielded by the solid state hybrid drive, Seagate embarked on an effort to be more active with the end user community via a dedicated Momentus XT home within the Seagate Community Forum. A place to gather feedback from hands-on users, including but not limited to product shortcomings, solutions, and ways to improve it with each generation.

To date, Seagate has shipped hundreds of thousands of Momentus XT solid-state hybrid drives worldwide. A mix of do-it-yourself laptop and desktop upgrades, as well as drives integrated in Asus and Dell solutions. Such an installed base yielded a massive influx of user feedback, questions, issues, and ideas via the community forum.

“It’s doing exactly what we hoped it would do…it’s giving Momentus XT users a voice into Seagate. We’re listening, addressing every issue, and engaging with the community more than ever,” says Alan Clark,  Seagate’s Executive Director of Customer Service Operations.

Because of the community forum, Seagate has issued 2 firmware updates over the past year (SD23 and the current SD24).

It’s safe to say that before the advent of communities, forums, social media, real engagement with users was limited. Potential product issues going unnoticed and unsolved for months.  At least with Momentus XT, Seagate is listening closely, and reacting quickly to ensure the product delivers the performance and reliability users expect.

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