Apple shook things up today announcing a new line of super-fast MacBook Pro’s featuring Intel i5 and i7 processors, and yet another peripheral interface: Thunderbolt.

According to Apple’s press release, Thunderbolt technology enables users to daisy-chain a number of peripherals via this new interface including monitors, printers, and yes external hard drives.

Developed by Intel and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple. Thunderbolt technology is a new, high-speed, dual-protocol I/O technology designed for performance, simplicity, and flexibility With promises of a 10GB per second transfer rate, Thunderbolt technology will provide incredible flexibility.
The question being raised by many is whether Seagate is on board to support this new interface. According to a statement from Seagate…the answer is yes:

“When Seagate first introduced the GoFlex line of external hard drives in 2010, it was with the foresight and understanding that technology changes are rapid, including those associated with data transfer interfaces and external hard drives. To address this growing and evolving need for more data and faster performance, Seagate GoFlex storage devices were purpose-built to enable people with the ability to adapt to the introduction of new technologies such as LightPeak/Thunderbolt, announced this week by Apple and Intel. By virtue of an interchangeable interface and support for the new Universal Storage Module (USM) standard, GoFlex owners can take advantage of newer, faster interfaces by simply swapping the cable or adapter of their existing GoFlex drive; all without the hassle of copying or migrating their data. Seagate will support LightPeak/Thunderbolt, with products available within the calendar year. ”

So anyone who has already purchased a Seagate GoFlex portable drive is set to upgrade to Thunderbolt as soon as the adapter is made available in order to unleash a reported 10Gbps speed! For those who unfortunately decided to go with another hard drive manufacturer, be prepared to fork over more money to replace your external storage entirely, on top of the hassle of migrating the data from your current drive to the one with the new interface.

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Images by, Apple, and Seagate

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