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Seagate GoFlex to “adapt” to Apple’s Thunderbolt technology

Apple shook things up today announcing a new line of super-fast MacBook Pro’s featuring Intel i5 and i7 processors, and yet another peripheral interface: Thunderbolt.

According to Apple’s press release, Thunderbolt technology enables users to daisy-chain a number of peripherals via this new interface including monitors, printers, and yes external hard drives.

Developed by Intel and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple. Thunderbolt technology is a new, high-speed, dual-protocol I/O technology designed for performance, simplicity, and flexibility With promises of a 10GB per second transfer rate, Thunderbolt technology will provide incredible flexibility.
The question being raised by many is whether Seagate is on board to support this new interface. According to a statement from Seagate…the answer is yes:

“When Seagate first introduced the GoFlex line of external hard drives in 2010, it was with the foresight and understanding that technology changes are rapid, including those associated with data transfer interfaces and external hard drives. To address this growing and evolving need for more data and faster performance, Seagate GoFlex storage devices were purpose-built to enable people with the ability to adapt to the introduction of new technologies such as LightPeak/Thunderbolt, announced this week by Apple and Intel. By virtue of an interchangeable interface and support for the new Universal Storage Module (USM) standard, GoFlex owners can take advantage of newer, faster interfaces by simply swapping the cable or adapter of their existing GoFlex drive; all without the hassle of copying or migrating their data. Seagate will support LightPeak/Thunderbolt, with products available within the calendar year. ”

So anyone who has already purchased a Seagate GoFlex portable drive is set to upgrade to Thunderbolt as soon as the adapter is made available in order to unleash a reported 10Gbps speed! For those who unfortunately decided to go with another hard drive manufacturer, be prepared to fork over more money to replace your external storage entirely, on top of the hassle of migrating the data from your current drive to the one with the new interface.

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Images by, Apple, and Seagate


  • George Somers Says:


    My dear old Mom taught me that a man is only as good as his word. Here is what you said on June 30th (see you entry on that date above)…….. “It will be available late 2011″.

    Mark an apology is due all your loyal readers in all your various blogs. Your credibility is at stake. People buy product based upon your word, your reputation.

    Fess up, either you were blowing smoke without knowing your facts or something has happened in development and production that you are not willing to disclose.

    Grow a pair, be a man, fess up tell the truth and try to win back some of your credibility with your readers

  • DCJ001 Says:

    The Seagate Goflex Thunderbolt adapter is not yet available.

    But this will probably be Seagate’s part # for it: STAE121.

    Google this part number to find more information.

  • George Somers Says:

    Thanks for the information. Hope this is not the actual adapter as the initial prices show it as being as or more expensive than the original hard drive.

    Wish we would hear back from Mark with some credible facts. Guess he has gone silent in that his credibility is some what dubious based upon his previous statements. You got to think he must be, or at least should be, embarrassed.

    Perhaps you should apply for his job given you seem more forthcoming and interested in finding a solution than he obviously is. Got to wonder about his other blogs, are they just propaganda for Seagate?. Come on Mark, we are all waiting for you to step and tell the truth. Anyway, thanks DCJ001 for at least caring enough to respond.

    Hey, SEAGATE , is anyone listening ?

  • @George Somers My apologies for the delay in answering your question…my bad. I want to be sure what I post will in fact answer all of your questions, and not appear as any sort of “propeganda” for Seagate. No spin, no gray areas, just the facts. There is an adapter coming? – yes. The adapter is late? – yes. The adapter does work? – yes. Have I seen it in action? – yes. Please give me just another day or so to put everything together in one succinct post. I sincerely appreciate your candor, and DCJ001′s as well. Do I like to be called to the carpet on this? – no. Do I want to get the story straight and give you the answers you deserve? – without a doubt. And I will. Thanks again! – Woj

  • DCJ001 Says:

    Well, here’s some news that the Goflex Desk Thunderbolt adapter will be available next month:

  • DCJ001 Says:

    Hopefully, it will come with at least one Thunderbolt cable.

  • DCJ001 Says:

    Also, Mark said that the Goflex Desk Thunderbolt adapter should cost about the same as the FireWire 800 adapter. I bought a FireWire 800 adapter for $19.99 from Best Buy. I’m probably going to be disappointed when I see the prices of the Goflex Desk Thunderbolt adapter.

  • William Says:

    Just found this Youtube info on the Seagate Thunderbolt Drive Adapters at CES 2012.

  • I’ve read a handful of news articles about the Goflex Thunderbolt adapters in the last day. Some have said that they will be available by the end of next month. Others said that the Goflex Thunderbolt adapters for the portable drives will be available by the end of March, and that the Goflex Desk Thunderbolt adapters will be available by the end of June.

    Do you know what he actual time of release, Mark?

    I’ve also read that the Goflex Thunderbolt adapters do not come with Thunderbolt cables. So I guess that $50 needs to be added to the cost of each Goflex Thunderbolt adapter.

  • The Seagate rep at CES was interviewed for a few minutes (audio at the below URL). He said that the portable Goflex Thunderbolt adapters will be available in two weeks, and the Goflex Desk Thunderbolt adapters will be available in five weeks.

  • Mark.

    I know that you’re in a bad spot, being asked questions, and not being able to answer them. But why does the fourth graphic in the slide show at:

    say, “Thunderbolt – Winter 2012.”

  • Regarding my previous post, Winter 2012 happens early in 2012 and late in 2012. Wouldn’t it be best to say Q1 2012?

  • Mark.

    As I mention four posts ago, some news articles have been saying:

    “The GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapter will be available during the first quarter of this year and the GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt Adapter is expected to be available before the second half of this calendar year.”

    Is this an accurate expectation? I’d like to think that the other sources that have said are correct:

    “The portable Goflex Thunderbolt adapters will be available in two weeks, and the Goflex Desk Thunderbolt adapters will be available in five weeks.”

    So what’s the truth, as you know it to be, Mark?

  • @DCJ001 Thanks again for all of your due diligence with this. The latest I heard from the product team is that we could see the portable adapters as early as the end of January, and the desktop adapters by the end of February. I am going with those closest to the product and that would mean we should see them sooner than later. If I hear anything more, I will let you know. Thanks again – Woj.

  • [...] going to give it to you straight.  Lord knows, I personally have been called to the carpet on previous posts as to the reality of the adapter, with deserved questions and concerns as to when it will be [...]

  • What a mess. I ordered the Go-flex Thunderbolt Adaptor and waited. Then I called to find out why I had not received it and I was told the orders had to be hand entered at the warehouse, it would be 1-2 days before mine would ship. That was Monday, I called today (Thursday) to followup and now I’m being told 7-10 days before they will even begin filling the orders.

    What gives? When will I get my adaptor, or will I?

  • Since my last post things have gone from bad to worse. Now sales has canceled my order. They even told me the Thunderbolt Adapter will not be shipping until late March at the earliest. However, I was told I could get it at the Apple Store in the next day or two. It has been almost two weeks now and it is not at the Apple Store, web or brick and mortar.

    I have replied back to sales as to what is going on but they will not even answer. SEAGATE, you have a lot of bad PR on this release. How do you plan to get out of this one? When will the adapter ship and why can’t you get your facts straight?

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