“The average U.S. family has 10 Netflix enabled devices”.

That’s according to analyst Dan Rayburn in an article on Home Media Magazine. Personally, I have 7, so I must be below average :)

What I have that can stream Netflix movies:

1. Seagate GoFlex TV
2. Desktop
3. Laptop
4. Apple iPhone
5. Apple iPod Touch
6. Sony Blu-ray player
7. Nintendo Wii

BUT…(shockingly) I do have 10 Seagate supported devices:

1. Desktop
2. Laptop
3. Seagate GoFlex Portable
4. Seagate FreeAgent Go
5. Seagate GoFlex Home NAS
6.  Seagate GoFlex TV
7. Apple iPhone with Seagate GoFlex Access
8. Apple iPhone with Seagate GoFlex TV Remote
9. An old Media Center PC (still running strong)
10. Microsoft Xbox (the original – yes I’m nostalgic)

I guess I still lean the direction of local storage.

How many Netflix supported devices to you have? How many hard drive supported devices?

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image by: blog.programmableweb.com

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