You know the person…

The one that everyone likes. The one that has it all, that’s the center of attention, but doesn’t even try to be, nor realizes they are. Just an all around decent human being that people just can’t help but gravitate towards.  I’m sure you have their picture in your head right now.

Well, forget about that, and now think of it in terms of technology…what technology above all seems to attract the need for other technology to connect to it? To become its friend and share in all it has to offer.   Before you answer, consider this…

Shipments of internet-enabled consumer electronics devices will soar to exceed those of the traditional platform used for accessing the internet (the PC) for the first time in 2013“, according to a new IHS iSuppli consumer platforms report via Broadband TV News.

What once was a technology that had really only one close friend – the PC, is now a technology that is attracting new friends by the millions, 780.8 million by 2015 to be exact growing nearly 50% every year between now and 2015. Sure, this technology will still have longtime friend PC around for years to come, but it’s now more than ever being forced to share the love with millions upon millions of other “friends” all vying for what it has to offer… content, loads and loads of content.  Petabytes, Exabytes worth – there for the taking.  New friends like televisions, Blu-Ray DVD players, set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones, video game consoles, heck even refrigerators and other household appliances have come to fight for its attention.

The world is exploding with internet enabled everything.  As Jordan Selburn, principal analyst for consumer platforms at IHS iSuppli, says,  “The internet now is revolutionizing the consumer electronics business by delivering a range of products that can bring web-based content to homes. Increasingly, each internet-enabled consumer electronics device is vying to become the centre of what is known as the digital living room, aggregating content throughout the home and serving up movies, television programmes, videos and music. In the future, consumers will be more likely to access the Internet through their televisions than via their PCs.”

So if you answered “the internet” or “the cloud“, you’d be wrong. They’re just the communication vehicles this technology uses to talk to all its new friends.

Like it or not, it’s storage, and you know in all of its forms, it really is the technology that everyone likes. The one that has it all, that’s the center of attention, but doesn’t even try to be, nor realizes it is. You just can’t help but gravitate towards it….can you?

Just some Friday fun.

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