Since I first blogged about it, the questions about when Seagate will release a Thunderbolt adapter for GoFlex have seemed like a weekly occurrence. This is exciting in its own right in that people are now looking to take advantage of the “flexibility” promise of GoFlex drives, and are chomping at the bit for Seagate to have it available.

I can now confidently say that we’re getting much closer…

The official word from Seagate at this week’s Intel Developer’s Forum in San Francisco, CA, indicates that the company will be showcasing working prototypes of new Thunderbolt adapters compatible with Seagate’s entire family of GoFlex drives. Check out the slideshow:

There are two Seagate GoFlex Thunderbolt adapters on the horizon; one designed for the GoFlex ultra-portable 2.5-inch drive and another for Seagate’s GoFlex Desk 3.5-inch drive. Thunderbolt adapters for both drive form factors will be demonstrated in Intel’s Advanced Technology Zone at the show this week.

If not now, when? I know we’re all eager to see this new faster interface and Seagate is working hard to deliver it before the end of the year.  “Take my word for it…it’s coming soon.”

Another frequent question that has arisen from the comments I’ve been fielding is related to the number of Thunderbolt ports the GoFlex adapters will have.  Judging from the prototype photo, the portable drive will have only one meaning that it will either have to be the only device connected, or the last in the chain of Thunderbolt peripherals connected to your Mac. Based on the photo, the adapter for the Desk version looks as though it has two connections.

Raising the questions…Are Mac users looking forward to other benefits beyond the daisy chain capabilities of the new Thunderbolt interface? Will the promised speed of Thunderbolt be enough value in itself?  Also, supposedly, there will be PC offerings with Thunderbolt next year. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. Let me know what intrigues you most about this new Interface, which was developed as an Intel-and-Apple collaboration.

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