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Almost a year ago to the day, I posted “If tablets = snacking, then notebooks = mealtime“. Well, a year has gone by, is it about time I jump on the smartphone and tablet bandwagon and admit that they are more than just consumption devices? Maybe.

The reason for my change of heart?

According to this post by Mobiledia on, “Facebook is acquiring video and image app developer Digital Staircase, hinting at the social media giant’s plans to integrate photo and video editing with its mobile apps.” And in a post on Mobiledia’s website, “Android Goes Hollywood, Gets HD Video Editing Tools“, it appears that both Facebook and Google want to enable more than just mobility on smartphones and tablets. They are bent on driving change of the mobile device usage model opening the gates for full-blown content creation.

It makes sense if you consider that in the US, 73% of mobile phone users and 90% of smartphone users take pictures with their mobile device. This according to a Pew Research survey this past May (2011). Photography is the killer app when it comes to content creation on a smartphone.  Just look at the photography app downloads for Apple iOS and Android devices. The Camera+ app alone on iTunes has over 4 million downloads, and is #1 in Photography (iPhone) on Nov 17, 2011, and was #2 in Top Apps (iPhone) as of Feb 23, 2011.

I will admit that for everyday photos, I have ditched the digital camera for my iPhone. And yes, I have downloaded Camera+ among other photography apps. In fact, I almost never use my PC to edit photos anymore. So I guess it’s time I eat my own words about mobile devices and content creation…at least for smartphones.  I’m still holding out on the tablet argument though.

Digital camera or smartphone? What’s your photo weapon of choice?

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