It feels like only a year ago that Seagate came out with Barracuda Green.

That’s because it was only a year ago that Seagate changed the name of its Barracuda LP drive to Barracuda Green. In a post I wrote in November of 2010, I asked fellow blogger and Product Marketing Manager for Seagate’s Barracuda family- Dave Burks why the name change.  The answer, short and sweet, “It just makes sense.”  And back then it did make sense. No one knew what Barracuda LP was. Was it low price, low power, low performance? Attaching the green name to Barracuda would make it easier for partners and consumers to understand where the product fits in the Barracuda Family.  Fast forward to today, and I asked Dave, “why get rid of Barracuda Green?”  The answer, once again…”It just makes sense.”


Then Dave explained it to me. “The new 1TB/disk Barracuda drives have a nearly identical power-consumption as Barracuda Green, but deliver much higher performance. We changed Barracuda LP to Barracuda Green to make it easier for our customers and partners, and it did. Now with the strides we have made with areal density, power, and performance, the value proposition for “green” drives just isn’t there anymore. If you consider the annual power savings for a “green” drive over a 7200 RPM desktop drive like Barracuda it was next to nothing. We’re talking a matter of 40 cents per year”

There are numerous reasons in addition to power, but I won’t go into them in detail here. You can check out the press release, or new product page for more details.

Obviously, I like the move. Seagate’s calling it the Power of One.

Well, at least until Barracuda XT goes all solid state hybrid drive on us…

What’s your take on Seagate’s  “green” drive move?

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