Image by Metallica

Metallica is my all time favorite band, and I am a sucker for collectibles – especially record albums.

There’s nothing like old school album art, or the sound of vinyl for that matter.  Now, I’m not a true audiophile because I no longer own a turntable. Instead, I pay tribute to the old media form framing some of my most favorite LPs from Meet the Beatles and Yellow Submarine, to Journey Escape and Rush 2112. Throw in some Iron Maiden while your at it. (By the way, if you’re a fan of albums and art, you should join our conversation at SeagateCreative.)

Metallica’s latest announcement to release the Beyond Magnetic EP on vinyl in celebration of Record Store Day on April 21, 2012 might just draw me in to purchase my first “album” in years.

Call them old-school. Call them greedy (anti-Napster days). Call them what you want.  What they are doing to support the local record store is cool.  It brings me back to the days I would make the treck to the local shop to pick up the latest album and playing it non-stop for weeks.  Those days are long gone, but it’s always good to revisit them from time to time.

What’s your favorite album cover of all time?

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