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Lenovo IdeaCentre puts USM in action

First of all, what is USM?  It’s a SATA standard for a Universal Storage Module (USM) that I have blogged about in the past here, here, and here. Basically, it enables quick and easy transport of portable storage from one system to the next be it a PC or, in the future, a television, DVR, NAS, you name it.

Lenovo’s high end IdeaCentre K-Series desktops for gaming and multimedia calls USM out: “Expandability, easy-to-access hard drive and more ports….” and shows USM in action at the 1:16 point of this video….check it out:

Great comment on YouTube from Jan Franken, “Makes sense. Why don’t we have those slots inour DVR’s? Always having to delete or erase. If it can be in a Lenovo computer, can’t it be in our DVR’s? Someone call Time Warner Cable.”

Good point Jan!

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  • Rick Harvey Says:

    When is a USM drive for the Lenovo going to be available? I have not been able to locate any USM drives for my Lenovo K430.

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