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Backup Plus: it’s all in the name


This week not only did we announce a new line of consumer products called Backup Plus, but we did something Seagate has long been known for not doing – simplifying our naming and branding.

Think about it.

Seagate has used “family names” in conjunction with its Seagate brand for years. We have or have had: Medalist, Barracuda, Barracuda Green, Barracuda XT, Barracuda ES, Momentus, Momentus FDE, Momentus Thin, Momentus XT, SV35, NL35, DB35, Pipeline, Pipeline HD, Constellation, Constellation ES, Cheetah 15K. Cheetah NS, Savvio 10K, Savvio 15K, Pulsar, Slim, GoFlex Turbo, GoFlex Pro, GoFlex Satellite, GoFlex Home, GoFlex Net, Expansion, BlackArmor, and many others over the years.

What’s cool about the new Backup Plus is that it says exactly what it is – a Backup drive first and foremost, plus some key added benefits……Based on this most recent announcement, the focus seems to have moved from catchy and cool product names whose meaning may be unclear, to a focus on Seagate, and that is refreshing not only to us marketers out there, but to the everyday Consumer who wants to be able to look at a product and know immediately what it has to offer them, what its intended use or value is to them.

I won’t go into the speeds and feeds of the product. You can learn all about it, if you haven’t already, on the product page, or in the latest reviews, articles, social media, and blogs published online. I just wanted to put some perspective on the choice of naming, and what it might hint as to the direction Seagate is heading.

As a consumer, I think it’s refreshing. Don’t you?

What’s your least favorite product name?

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  • Jackson Tan Says:

    Simplifying naming convention is good if it does not cause confusion to users. Look at how these new naming convention for internal drives below. Suffix AS used to be for SATA drives, SS for SAS drives and NS for constellation drives. The new names might make sense internally for Seagate especially for the engineers where binary 0 and 1 makes a lot difference. However, for users and resellers, they look very confusing.

    ——————– ———————
    ST32000641AS ST2000DM001
    ST32000444SS ST2000NM0001
    ST32000644NS ST2000NM0011

  • Referring to the previous comment, users don’t mind longer names. They actually prefer them if it explains what it’s about.
    Yes, names are better than numbers.
    But names need to be easily differentiable, and on the manufacturers website listed in a manner so that the user can easily understand the difference.

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