Seagate’s ultra thin external hard drive dubbed the GoFlex Slim performance drive no doubt will see more competition.


Because the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) just announced a new “Universal Storage Module (USM®) standard that enables consumers to simply and easily increase the storage capacity of their mobile devices. The USM Slim™ specification defines a thinner, 9mm dimension, making it an ideal storage solution for ultrabooks, tablets and other portable devices.”

What this standard delivers:

What is means for hard drive suppliers:

As areal density continues to increase all be it at a slower pace until HAMR comes out, will ultra thin or slim drives be the new norm for mobile external storage? Today, Seagate has a 320GB slim drive and a 500GB version. An increased focus on thinner form factor 2.5-inch drives with more capacity options should also start to bring the price down on ultra thin solutions. For example, today a standard Seagate 500GB portable drive costs $76 on Amazon, whereas the Slim version is $94 . I see this gap shrinking as demand for thinner mass storage picks up.

What it means for consumers:

Seagate has paved the way for slim external storage and USM based removable storage working closely with the SATA-IO consortium. It was only a matter of time before such innovation became a standard…and that is good news for everybody.

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