Remember when the “Beware of Dog” sign was the best form of home security?

Those times are long gone, and companies like Swann are releasing some very cool products that just might change that sign from “Beware of Dog” to “Beware of Swann.” According to their press release c/o Engadget.com: Swann TruBlue™ Line of DVRs – High Resolution, Real-Time Security Systems.


“Equipped with 4 or 8 high resolution 600TVL cameras, the 4000 Series of D1 DVRs feature full-screen, high resolution video recording, HDMI connection & more remote viewing with iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices made possible with free SwannView app.”

When you consider 4 to 8 high resolution channels of video, streaming sometimes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we must be talking some serious storage in these DVRs.  Swann goes on to say, “With either a built-in 500GB or 1TB hard drive, users have the ability to record continuously for approximately 30 days or even longer when using the motion detection settings.”  With video compression technologies getting better and better, it’s amazing that with a 500-GB or 1TB hard drive you can capture so much video, and at DVD quality.

What also caught my eye about this system is the remote viewing capabilities with Android and iOS devices. Not only are these DVRs surveillance systems, but have cloud-like capabilities in that you can see what’s going on at your house no matter where you are.  Kind of like that anywhere anytime access to content, the cloud delivers. This time the content is video surveillance of your home.

I used to cover surveillance for Seagate going on 5 years ago, and it has come a long way.  Back then, a system like this would easily start at $1000.00. Today, it starts around the same price as an iPad.

Home surveillance system or iPad? That’s a tough one.

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