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Who loves the cloud more than anyone? Marketers.


There’s nothing like hammering us all with facts and figures about “the cloud.” This uberflip infographic takes a slightly different approach to cloud adoption – what it means for marketing.

Yes, the cloud in all its shapes and sizes promises businesses increased agility, lower costs, greater IT efficiency, etc. It promises consumers greater access to the web via a greater number of devices (think BYOD – Bring Your Own Device), endless options when it comes to applications and games (Apps), easier ways to stay connected with friends and family, or make new connections (Social Media), and a more powerful way to enjoy digital content.

The truth is, the more devices you have that are connected, the more applications and games you download, the more active you are on social media, and the more addicted you are to consuming digital content…the more marketing you will be exposed to. Brands have been utilizing mobile marketing, gamification, and social media in droves over the past few years…this is nothing new. But, the cloud is just at its infancy, and when it comes to marketers’ understanding and utilization of the medium, we’re just scratching the surface.

The good news is that with the transformational nature of the cloud, there is a transformation of what it means for marketing. The days of annoying banner ads, pop-ups, email spam, etc. will lose out to more creative and compelling ways for brands to truly add value to consumers that engage.  Note, for marketing to work, engagement is not only the consumer’s responsibility, the brand must also commit to engagement for any of this to work.  Consider this quote from Gartner:

 ”By 2014, organizations that refuse to communicate with customers by social media will face the same level of wrath from customers as those that ignore today’s basic expectation that they will respond to emails and phone calls.”

Would you say your engagement from brands is improving with “the cloud?”


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