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[Chart] The Location of Data is Changing

Source:  Seagate Market Research & Competitive Intelligence.

Consider what this chart tells us…

In 2011, 450 Exabytes were shipped, 25% of which went into the cloud.  In 2020, 7000 Exabytes (7 Zettabytes) will ship, 60% of which will go in the cloud. That’s a 15x growth in total capacity demand over the next 8 years. Heck, in the cloud alone, storage will grow from 112.5 Exabytes in 2011, to 4,270 Exabytes in 2020. That’s 38x growth! The whole pie is getting much bigger.

But the cloud is not the be all end all. Client-based local storage will also see growth, growing from 279 Exabytes to 2,170 Exabytes. That’s 7x growth — not as fast as cloud, but demand for local capacity remains strong.

Bottom line, storage is poised for huge growth over the next decade, and with such demand comes innovation in Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSDs), and Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHDs) whether you choose to store your content here (locally), or up there (cloud).

We’ll talk about the role of HDD vs SSD in a future “Chart.”

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