When it comes to hard drives, SSDs, or Solid State Hybrid Drives for consumer data storage, it’s all good.

If you haven’t already, check out this post on Forbes by Tom Coughlin titled “Digital Storage Needs the Right Stuff.”

“…Although there are some markets where flash memory is having an impact on hard disk drives, in many other cases there is a synergy in having both types of storage as part of storage architecture.  As we approach the general availability of ultrabooks with the Windows 8 operating system it looks like the largest sales for ultra-thin computers will include a hard disk drive as well as flash memory.” – Tom Coughlin via @Forbes

Tom’s post covers much of what Seagate’s Jeff Burke (VP of Market Research & Strategy) said at this year’s Flash Memory Summit. Jeff blew away the audience in his keynote with statistics like these:

Just some eye opening numbers to consider.

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