I came across this cool infographic on “The Perks of Working from Home” and it made me think about what drive time means not only from an environmental perspective, but from a data perspective.

When you think about it, over the course of the day, we spend a good chunk of time creating data. Whether it is taking photos with our smart phones and posting them to Facebook or Flickr, tweeting, blogging, shooting video, online shopping, or creating files in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.  If we think about the times we don’t create a lot of data, two come to mind:  sleeping and driving.

If the average worker spends 109 hours or 4.5 days per year commuting, how much extra data might we create if we didn’t spend any time commuting? Consider some of the data taken from this very popular infographic on “How Much Data Is Created Every Minute?

Begging the question, if everyone always worked from home, how much bigger would big data get?


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