What do CES and Big Data have in common?  It’s simple, data deluge! It’s only day 1 of the big consumer electronics show and I find it impossible to keep up with all of the information flowing in.

What is worthwhile information?  What sources provide the best coverage?  Where do I begin to start on the show floor? What information will best meet my needs, answer my questions, appeal to my interests? And, how do I go about organizing it so that it is of some semblance of utility? Sounds like the same appeal as Big Data.

I could just throw my hands up, roam the show floor aimlessly searching for information, or better yet, stay in the hotel room, tethered to the desk and rely only on what I have on my laptop. But, those scenarios stink.  Who wants to be lost in a sea of content and who wants their content to be so locked down that you feel isolated? I want to get more organized, get outside the house or office, and make the most of whatever new gadget I end up buying this year. Insert New Year’s Resolution here.

Seagate is making the most of helping you with your New Year’s Resolution whether it may be to get organized, get out of the house, or simply make 2013 more enjoyable. They’re called Seagate Wireless Plus Seagate Central. Two brand new products announced at CES this year, and already getting some critical acclaim from the Innovations Awards at CES.

Let’s face it, CES is not the only time of year we are overwhelmed with information and content. It seems to be part of our daily lives.  If we could only free ourselves from the pain of protecting our information and content, using it wherever we want, and enjoying it on whatever we want, we won’t have to feel overwhelmed. Those days are here.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution.

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