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Why CES screams, “go outside and play!”

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Have you ever noticed that when it comes to technology, we are in the midst of doing a 180?

Looking back 10 years, even 20 years, it’s been all about being a homebody:

  • The arrival of big screen TVs, to plasmas, LCDs, LEDs, HD projectors made it possible for us to have that movie theater experience in the home. The home entertainment center slash home theater had arrived.
  • The launch of the game console meant the days of our parents dropping us off at the arcade, or heaven forbid, we rode our bikes there were over.  The games we play at home today are light years more advanced than the days of Asteroids, Centipede, PacMan, and Frogger.
  • The home PC started  merging home entertainment and gaming with communications and personal finance. When was the last time you went to the post office or the bank?
  • And social media…well, you don’t even have to see your friends anymore, much less meet them in person.

The times they are a changing…

Sure, the Consumer Electronics Show will still be packed with the biggest, brightest TVs, the latest in gaming technology and home automation, and social media…well that’s already broken the boundaries of the home. But, look at CES more closely and what do we see?  Mobility rules! From the beauty of tablets, smartphones, and now phablets, to  the apps that make them that more utilitarian, to gadgets that get us exercising more, to internet connected cars, HD Skiing Goggles (yes…HD skiing goggles), and of course wireless storage.

CES screams, “get outside!”

Perhaps not exactly the same “outside” that we parents might tell our kids today, but at minimum out of the house. We don’t always need the big TV, souped-up PC, or game console to watch our favorite videos, surf the internet, or play games. A 7 or 10-inch screen connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or broadband and loaded with the latest Bejeweled does just fine.  The beauty of being outside is that outside means literally anywhere. And what do we have to thank for this? What else…the Cloud.

So, make the best of it and go outside and play.

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