With all of the buzz around the confusion of the available capacity of the new Surface Pro, one thing stands out to me.  No, not the binary versus decimal calculations, or the explanation from Microsoft. The one thing that is most evident is that buyers want capacity.

According to this post by   for The Ed Bott Report on ZD Net, 128MB versions are either selling like crazy, or they were scarce to begin with. And, the 64MB version, they’re either not selling at all, or Microsoft and their retail partners guessed wrong on consumers’ demand for storage, or maybe the lack of available storage on the 64GB version after the OS and recovery option is to blame.

Either way, the real question is why do we want more internal storage in our gadgets?  Why is an 8GB smartphone not enough, or now a 64GB tablet?  Heck, laptops better start at 320GB or 500GB before we even consider purchasing them.  I thought the cloud with it’s endless storage options and anywhere anytime access (when connected to the internet) was the answer.

Of course, I am being a bit sarcastic here.  I am a believer in cloud, but I am also a believer in having as much local storage as possible – no matter the device.  Why can’t we have both?  Why can’t we choose to store some of our stuff here, some of it “up ” there?

Don’t we already?

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