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Data growth has never been faster than it is today.

Cloud services, for example, are a high-growth sector for storage requirements over the next five years, with Gartner forecasting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) revenue to reach US$24.4B in 2016, with storage accounting for almost 40% of that figure (Gartner, Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2011-2016, 2Q12 Update, Published: 20 August 2012). There are a number of other trends driving data growth in addition to cloud &ndas social media, BYOD and big data analytics.

The more important question is: What are we doing to prepare our server and storage infrastructure to not only meet the exploding demand for storage capacity and still deliver unprecedented levels of performance, scalability, and reliability?

One of the answers to this question is best summed up this article published by Seagate and Xyratex titled “Achieving Rapid Scale in Enterprise and Cloud Data Centers With SAS.”

Check it out and let me know how you would answer the question of rapid scale.

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