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Like numbers? EVault cloud survey is packed with them

One thing cool about our relationship with EVault is the data they collect on cloud – especially cloud backup – which is where their expertise lies. EVault recently released their Second Annual Cloud-Connected Backup and Recovery Survey, and have shared some key findings in a series of blog posts:

The posts shed some serious light on the world of cloud backup. I suggest you take a closer look by reading the entire series, but thought I would give you a snapshot of their findings to wet your appetite.

  • 50% of organizations surveyed manage more data daily than they were a year ago.
  • 70% of those companies expect the amount of data will only continue to increase.
  • 46% manage between 2 TB and 7 TB of data, while only 3% manage more than 7 TBs at the moment.
  • 86% of US companies surveyed expect to increase their cloud usage within the next few years, while 59% (in Germany and the UK) expect to store more data in the cloud in 2015.
  • 80% in the US of organizations without a hybrid approach planning to implement one while 45% of companies in the UK have such plans.
  • 74% of U.S.-based companies switched to a hybrid environment because it offered improved data security, and 83% cited increased flexibility.

This is just a taste of the stats EVault gathered in their survey. To meet your needs for more numbers, the posts are packed with them. Check them out.

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