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“SME and enterprise users are increasingly turning to solid state storage, but in the process 99% of them will overpay in 2013 for performance they don’t need and sacrifice capacity, according to industry experts at Tegile Systems.” – via the Wall Street Journal

If this is the case, then man, the time is right for solid state hybrid drives (SSHD) in the enterprise.

I can already see the marketing headline: Overpaying for over-performance? Get a Hybrid.

The article on WSJ online cites Tegile Systems, and in the essence of transparency, Tegile Systems is a “provider of hybrid storage arrays for virtualized server and desktop environments.” That alone should not discount their findings as this article is packed with supporting documentation from the likes of Coughlin Associates and Objective Analysis, Wikibon, and IDC.

In making the case for Hybrid Arrays, I could not help but replace the words “Hybrid Array” with “Hybrid Drive” or SSHD.

With all of the excitement around pure SSD solutions, it’s refreshing to see data that suggest a more hybrid approach makes sense.  Forbes said it best, “To achieve the high performance needed with cloud computing, we expect hybrid SSD-HDD enterprise storage drives to become more popular in the future, which should drive growth in Seagate’s enterprise business.”

The timing could not be more perfect.

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