Total Cost of Ownership once again raises its head. This time it’s not about cloud, but instead – Tablets courtesy of Dell.

What’s interesting is that this focuses on the concerns of healthcare IT given the security regulations and compliance issues, but when it comes to IT in general, wouldn’t the concerns be much of the same?  Based on this infographic by  Digital Ad Agency Vertic via, the TCO story is much the same citing that the total cost of a tablet is 5x to 8x the acquisition cost. Yet, adoption in the enterprise is expected to explode.   

The tablet phenomenon may be one where even with a total cost that is 4.5x, 5x, or even 8x the acquisition cost, the benefits to the organization are considerable in terms of opportunity costs.  Things like increased mobility + ease of use = greater productivity, and with the growth of cloud based apps, enterprises can potentially save tons on software licensing.

It just goes to show that TCO is not entirely about the money out of pocket. You have to take into consideration the rest of the story.

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