It’s impressive how much the flash market is shaking things up in the world of storage.  The flash enabled storage stack is ripe with opportunity, and Seagate, as usual, knows how to leverage its strengths to take advantage.  Hence, the investment in Virident captured nicely by this article on Forbes and the launch of the new Seagate X8 Accelerator600 Pro and 1200 Series SSDs last week.

Seagate’s new flash storage products fill the gamut in enterprise storage. Sure, we have satisfied many needs in the SSD space for the past few years, but Seagate’s portfolio is truly “all-in” now.  With the addition of a complete portfolio of flash products, is there another storage device supplier that has the enterprise storage market covered as well as Seagate? I guess it depends on who you ask.

When I look at the portfolio Seagate has amassed, I can’t help but think that enterprise server and storage partners can build almost anything imaginable with the use of Seagate products.  And, if they can build almost anything, they can solve almost any storage related customer need.

The exciting news is that there is still more to come.  What’s missing in this space is a device that takes the performance of flash and the capacity of disk to create an entirely new approach to enterprise storage – solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs).  They are gathering momentum fast in the client space, so it’s just a matter of time before they take hold in the enterprise space…and believe me, they’re coming.

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