Just when we all have been programmed to think that Big Data is where it’s at when it comes to the data storage boom, this infographic by Actifio indicates it’s not. The real culprit in the data growth explosion is the fact that when it comes to files, we are all copycats.

I would argue copies are good with computing styles like cloud.  We need copies of files on multiple hard drives in multiple locations. We want replication, we need replication, and when it comes to speed, we want copies of files on servers closest to where we are at any given time. There’s no time to wait anymore! But that is a public cloud argument.  What this infographic says to me is that copy data is more of a problem for traditional businesses operating via on-premise data centers, and I can see that.  Heck, I probably have duplicate copies of half of the stuff I generate on my own laptop. Call it laziness, or the need to save every waking version as a new file.

Actifio puts it best on their website where they say, “over two-thirds of storage capacity was being used to store copies of data, rather than production originals. There were copies for data protection, copies for business continuity, another for disaster recovery, more for analysis, archiving etc. etc. Organizations had reached the point where they were spending more to manage the copies of their “stuff” than they were to manage their actual “stuff.” And that seemed crazy.”

Is it crazy?

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