“The worldwide file- and object-based storage (FOBS) market continues to gain momentum with revenues exceeding $23 billion in 2013 and forecast to reach $38 billion in 2017. ”  This according to new research from International Data Corporation,Worldwide File- and Object-Based Storage 2013-2017 Forecast(IDC #242287, 46 pages, $8,500) and StorageNewsletter.com.

What is interesting about IDC’s analysis is that file and object-based storage (FOBS) demand, which includes software defined storage, virtual storage appliances, hardware appliances, or self-built for delivering cloud-based offerings, is growing significantly faster than traditional enterprise disk based solutions. IDC attributes this to 4 key trends in the enterprise marketplace:

Sounds like this market is ripe for an entirely new way to think about storage platforms.  Maybe Seagate should jump in and do something bold…hint hint.

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