Graphic by MTS

1GB may not seem like a lot, but judging from this infographic, it’s plenty. Wondering if we applied the math to Seagate’s latest 4 Terabyte hard drive, what we could do…

So, what does 4 Terabytes really get you?

A love of fireworks, never being lost, an obnoxious Facebook or Pinterest page plastered with your entire history of food intake, who knows what you are downloading, about 100 pounds overweight, an obsession with what other people have to say, being a lifelong student, one huge playlist, a whole lot of love to go around, debt, a love of travel, billions of frequent flyer miles, and when it’s all said and done…a pretty happy life.

Can’t wait for the 5TB, 10TB, or 20TB drives to come out. 

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