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Over 2.4 Billion Served and counting…any guesses?

Not McDonalds…the Internet.  Given Seagate just shipped its 2 Billionth hard drive this year, this begs the question: is there a direct correlation between the number of internet users and the number of hard disk drives shipped? 

If you remember, Seagate became the first hard drive company to ship its 2 Billionth hard disk drive (HDD) this past year.  Looking back, we shipped our 1 Billionth HDD in 2008.  That’s a billion more hard drives in a 4 year span.

Compare this to internet users. In 2008, there were 1.4  Billion internet users worldwide. Today, there are roughly 2.4 Billion users. That’s 1 Billion more internet users in the same 4 year span.

In another 4 years, by 2017, there will be another 1 Billion internet users added reaching a total of 3.4 Billion. Given we shipped a billion more in the same 4 years prior, is it safe to say that Seagate will we ship its 3 Billionth HDD by 2017? Possibly.  Theoretically, it could happen even sooner if…

  • Tablets start migrating in mass to our new Ultrathin 5mm HDDs (and why shouldn’t they?)
  • Cloud and Big Data just keep getting bigger and bigger meaning more and more HDD and SSDs
  • PC and Notebook demand gets a boost by some crazy cool technology. 
  • We include our SSD and SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) products in the numbers, not just our hard drives.

Care to make a prediction?

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