What keeps cloud data center operators up at night?  That was what we were trying to figure out.

Business and technology decision makers often focus on factors such as performance and uptime when investing in new solutions. However, as the amount of data that companies collect grows, organizations have had to place more emphasis on a larger number of factors than they have in years past. Seagate surveyed data center managers throughout the United States and China to explore the most prominent issues facing facility decision makers.

The Seagate Data Center Manager study polled 651 respondents, who were screened based on several qualification criteria. Those polled had to have IT management responsibilities and work in their organization’s data center (with a minimum of 50 servers or 100 terabytes of storage). In addition, individuals had to have some responsibility over storage devices. Below is a summary of the study’s key findings:

Time-consuming drive management activities represent the largest storage-related pain point.

Check out this infographic that helps paint the picture of what truly keeps data center operators up at night.

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