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Just for Fun: Top 25 Seagate Data Sheet Acronyms

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Did you get the TPC reports done?  What about the GTM on the ASD? And where are we with the POV on BD? Sound familiar?

Acronyms must be in the DNA of nearly every tech company on the planet.

The problem with acronyms, if you’re not in the loop, you get lost.  Even here at Seagate, we have a glossary of internal acronyms to help new employees translate what the heck people are saying. Believe me, I used it for about a year, and still refer back to it from time to time.

This blog post on Tech Republic titled “50 terms and acronyms for VMware that you should know” inspired me to offer the same for Seagate. There are way to many to list here, so let’s start with something simple like those found on a typical data sheet.

  • TCO: Total Cost of Ownership
  • ISE: Instant Secure Erase
  • SED: Self Encrypting Drive
  • RPM: Rotations Per Minute
  • Gb/s: Gigabits Per Second
  • TB: Terabytes
  • SATA: Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
  • SAS: Serial Attached SCSI
  • SCSI: Small Computer System Interface
  • MB: Megabytes
  • MB/s: Megabytes Per Second
  • ms: milliseconds
  • S.M.A.R.T: Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
  • GB: Gigabytes
  • I/O: Input Output
  • IOPS: Input/Output Operations Per Second
  • CPU: Central Processing Unit
  • SSD: Solid State Drive
  • HDD: Hard Disk Drive
  • SSHD: Solid State Hybrid Drive
  • MLC: Multi-level Cell
  • SLC: Single-level Cell
  • TBW: Terabytes Written
  • PI: Protection Information
  • FIPS: Federal Information Processing Standard
I am sure there are many more of these throughout  If you come across any, let us know and we’ll attempt to decipher them for you.


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