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Seagate demos upcoming Kinetic Developer Kit at RICON West

This week Seagate is participating at Basho’s RICON West developers conference.  In addition to a headline  sponsorship, Jim Hughes – one of the main brains behind Seagate Kinetic – presented what Seagate’s Kinetic platform is and provided a live demo of it in action.  If you were unable to stream the presentation live from the RICON West website, we will have a recorded version in the coming week for your viewing pleasure.

Seagate also had a booth space where we fielded a slew of spirited questions and comments on the platform.  The booth featured prototype Kinetic-ready systems from Dell and Newisys.  Dell is showing a 12 bay 2U chassis, and Newisys a 60 bay 4U system complete with dual 10 port gigabit ethernet switches. The team from Newisys describes the unit as one gigantic switch with up to 240TB of storage (assuming full population of 4TB Kinetic-based hard drives).

Seagate also unveiled the Kinetic developer kit.  A 4-bay fan-less box with 4 Kinetic HDDs and 2 1Gbit ethernet ports.  Details on when the developer kit will be available and how you can get your hands on one are coming later this quarter. In the meantime, Seagate’s Advanced Storage team recommends developers play with the drive simulator tools available on GitHub.

Historically, Seagate has not participated much in developer conferences like RICON. But, with the announcement of the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform, we look to developers and developer communities to create the software that can talk to the drives.   One such community is at RICON West this week.

Let the developing begin.

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More pics from the show:


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