Image by X-IO

Here’s a concept for businesses that lean on technology to ensure their businesses stays up and running:  set it and forget it hardware.  No troubleshooting, upgrading, refreshing, repairing. I’ll believe it when I see it. 

Well, believe it.

The team over at X-IO is in celebration mode – celebrating customers who for the past 5 years have not had to have a single service technician visit, or replace a single hard drive. This according to their press release: X-IO Technologies’ Unique 5 Year “Zero Touch” Storage PROVEN.

“X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) is an easy to use, high performance system which offers both consistent and accelerated performance via hard disk drives (HDDs), or real-time hybrid solutions with enterprise SSDs and HDDs. All of X-IO’s solutions provide enterprise-class reliability with self-healing capabilities and are ideally suited for a whole range of Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and Citrix applications.”

Self-healing hard drives, now that is something we can all embrace, especially in the data center space where not only reliability is critical, but so is maintaining the performance integrity of the system over time.. Now some companies can get away with using lower cost, even desktop-class hard drives in their systems, but according to X-IO’s website, they use true enterprise-class drives and back their system up with a 5 year warranty at no additional charge.  Quite a bold move for a storage solution supplier to promise 5 years of reliable performance given the stresses that high I/O can put on systems and system components. The fact that they have customers that have pulled it off is reason for celebration.

I’m intrigued about this no-touch approach to data center design. Think about it this way. Increasingly consumers are purchasing tablets and leveraging the cloud because it’s just easier – no troubleshooting, upgrading, replacing, or repairing the home PC.  Everything is in the cloud…email, photos, music, apps. Consumers for the most part can be touch-less when it comes to technology hardware. The irony being that such a capability has been enabled by companies that run data centers, and data centers are extremely high touch when it comes to maintenance. So, why not take no-touch to the next level…to the data center. Let the machines take over and let software be the maestro.

X-IO is on to something here.  Congrats!


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