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When it comes to data storage – HDDs are standing the test of time

Just for fun…does anyone speak German?

Regardless of the language barrier one thing is for certain just looking at the images…hard drives have stood the test of time when compared to some of the other data storage media types.  For those of you not familiar with the good old days…

  • Before digital cameras and cameras on our phone, we used film (Don’t open the camera and expose the film)
  • Before hard drives, SSDs, and the cloud, we stored computer files on floppy disks, zip disks, tape
  • Before the internet, we loaded software off of floppy disks, then compact disks (We even had storage for our mass storage i.e. cases, shelves, etc.)
  • Before iTunes, we listed to music on cassette tapes (Auto stop at the next track was a huge advancement)
  • Before Netflix, we watched movies on video tapes, then DVDs (Be kind and rewind)


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