Seagate announced the Kinetic Open Storage platform last October, and we have spent the better part of the last few months working with software and hardware partners, talking to customers / users, and readying the ecosystem with tools to design new object-oriented hyper-scale solutions.

Early on, I blogged about how “For Seagate Kinetic to fly…it’s gonna take an ecosystem.”  So far so good. Interest is building and the ecosystem is growing thanks to not only solution level engagement with existing Seagate partners, but also embracing the open movement by contributing to both OpenStack and now The Open Compute Project (OCP) community (see Seagate press release).

This week OCP held their annual OCP Summit in San Jose, CA. Each year the summit more than doubles in size.  I am guessing this year’s summit drew close to 3500 attendees that included everyone from technology suppliers large and small, to end users, analysts, and media.

What was great about our involvement at the OCP Summit this year was not only our first official contributions to the community, but what our partners Hyve and Wiwynn introduced at the show.  Both Hyve and Wiwynn showcased their new Kinetic based system designs, and what is awesome about their designs is that they are completely different.  Today, Kinetic is a device-based platform (drives coming later this year), and in the true sense of a platform, partners are innovating on top of it.  Each with their own adaptation of Kinetic.  Take a look:

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